Managing Rubbish for Your Next Office Party

Office parties are a great time for colleagues to socialise and spend some quality time knowing each other. There is a lot of rubbish that usually comes from these parties due to poor planning of rubbish management. Rubbish includes food leftovers, decorations and packaging material. There are several things one can do to reduce the rubbish and dispose in a safe and time and cost efficient manner.

The first and important step of managing office party rubbish is to plan beforehand. One can use previous experience to estimate how much waste is going to be generated and calculate if their normal bins are going to accommodate these. One should also consider the type of waste which is going to be generated to determine how they are going to dispose or manage their waste.

A company can hire extra skip bins if they already have one or get some wheelie bins from skip bin companies. They offer a wide variety of bin sizes and types depending on the size and type of waste at hand. Skip bin companies deliver and collect these bins at a fee which is affordable and they dispose your waste on your behalf. They are flexible and easy to order online and can deliver within a short period. Decomposing some of the waste like vegetation is a good idea and can be used as organic fertiliser.

Decorations contribute to rubbish from office parties. These can be reduced and use simple reusable decorations. They can also be passed on to other people to reduce your waste. Also, one may consider hosting the party at a different venue where they offer disposal of waste apart from the office. To reduce packaging waste one needs to but things in bulk than individually packed items. People should also consider avoiding using disposable cutlery and plates and encourage people to bring their own plates that they can wash at home or after eating.

A good idea can be setting up two different bins in the room one for recycle and one for food waste. This will make it easy for you to sort out the rubbish per type.

I have seen in most parties I attend they provide plastic containers for people to take home some left over food. This reduces the amount of waste to thrown out. Another thing that has seemed to be effective is adapt a serve yourself style where everyone serves their own food hence they will only put things they want to eat and the amounts that they want to have and this in turn reduces the amount of waste.

Lastly but not least if it’s a bring and share type of party it is good to encourage participants to bring home cooked meals and drinks in bulk as these have less packaging and this will also reduce the rubbish amount.

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