Construction Work Rubbish Collection

After talking a lot about how to manage waste on this blog. We wanted to feature a construction company in Perth who recently had a massive cleanup at their work site. Why? Simply because we wanted to support those who are active in managing waste at home and the workplace. After all, by supporting one another we can make this world a lot better place to live in. You might be asking which construction company we are referring to. The company is run and operated by a Perth local and is currently trading as Acero Construction. For more information, you can visit their website: or call directly on (08) 6245 1250.

construction images

According to them, managing waste at any working site is a crucial part of project management. Not only it promotes an environmentally friendly workplace, but it sets a benchmark of other construction companies to follow suit. What better way to promote and raise awareness about the importance of waste management than to lead by example. Anyone can say it, but following up with action sends a lot stronger message.

Waste management at workplaces or on construction sites does not have to be a complex process. In fact, doing something about managing waste is a whole lot better than not doing anything at all. If you are absolutely clueless, there are many local government agencies that should be able to help and provide any sort of information you need; such as the rules and regulations when it comes to waste management.

When asked, the staff at Acero Construction are super proud to be working for a company that puts workers safety and waste management at the top of their priority. Many of them have actually worked for the company for many years and plans to stay for a long time to come. This is proof that by having a good safety work culture and actively promoting environmental initiative, employee retention should be maximised.