My Quest

After living on this planet for more than 40 years, there is one thing that I know for sure: it is never too late to do the thing you love the most.

One thing that I am most passionate about is the environment. Deep from my heart, I am in love with this world that we all live in. For as long as I breathe, I will do my very best to spread the message to protect this planet. But I am different to many other “greenies” out there. Keep reading and you will find out what I mean.

This website is not about me. But rather about how we can keep this place as natural and beautiful as we possibly can.

I won’t be doing any philosophical speech. But instead, I will be as practical as one can be. As I am a strong believer in showing what you’re about by actions, more than words.

My posts on this blog (titled after my name) will be everything that is related to waste management. As mentioned above, I am a practical man… not a philosophical one. Being practical means having a balance between usage and management. That is what makes me different to other “greenies” out there, instead of reversing the way we live today; I’d rather us manage it better.

With the right waste management, I believe sustainability is truly possible to achieve.